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Andrea IZ1IVA

I've recently purchased a DigiMaster PRO+ and set it up with a Yaesu FT-1000D and an iMac i5 computer (1). I'm very pleased with the performance of the interface and Neil's service!

The drivers are easy to install, just remember to reboot the computer straight after that, otherwise you might not see the new serial ports showing. Mac users are not used to that, but it's compulsory for USB interfaces!

Also, first-generation FT-1000(D) users should really buy the optional YL02C cable.

Coming back to the interface, it works brilliantly, it's about the right size not to clutter the shack and the potentiometers allow easy, on-the-fly audio adjustment.

I've always used PSK31, but after setting up the PRO+ I thought I would give RTTY a try. Well, my first contact was with PJ4E! It might have not been all the interface's merit, but it has certainly helped a lot hi!

(1) software used: MacLoggerDX, cocoaModem and fldigi

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