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Brian G6STE

As an owner of a new FT-950 and using HRD V5 for first time, I found the use of the G4ZLP USB dual channel interface a really easy way of connecting to both HRD and the FT-950.

I got the DigiMaster Pro+ (which included all the correct leads and instructions; you'll only need an adaptor for the Key socket if you want CW)
All details are here:-

When you order just select the FT-950 in the box below price and you'll get all you need.

I got the USB sound card, as it allows you to stop all the system sounds being transmitted.

Learning both the FT-950 and HRD all at same time is a steep curve.

Neil, G4ZLP, is very helpful. He also provides lots of configuration information on his site. I believe that the DigiMaster Pro+ uses the FTDI chipset. I'm having no problems in windows7.

Using the DigiMaster Pro+ you won't need a separate USB to Serial adaptor or 9-pin Female to Female, it has two channels; 1 controls the FT-950, 2 connects the data ports to the sound card etc. Very easy to set up and use just make sure to choose PTT via Com Port in Digital Master 780 (part of the HRD suite).

73, Brian G6STE”

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