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I bought a Digimaster PRO+ from Neil. I had purchased from Neil before, so I had no doubt that the quality would be top notch. The DmPRO+ arrived to my QTH in Ohio about a week later. Everything I needed to hook it up to my Yaesu FT-950 and PC was included.

I hooked up all the cabling and turned it on. XP brought up the New Hardware wizard and I told it to search the internet for the drivers. It found/installed the same drivers that Neil provides a link for on his site.

It only took a short period of time to get N1MM + MMTTY as well as Ham Radio Deluxe set up to take advantage of this interface.

It's working great for CAT control, CW/PTT keying, FSK (using the EXTFSK dll in MMTTY), and all of the AFSK modes. CW/CAT control in N1MM works great with no problems during contesting. I have HRD set up to use PTT via the comport as well as to key CW via the comport, neither of which I could do with my USB soundcard interface that I bought earlier this year.

The DmPRO+ only requires two USB ports, and only if you want to use the USB Audio stick that Neil provides. If you already have onboard sound and want to use that, then you only need one USB port. No PC serial ports are needed.

This interface does everything and more, and requires significantly less PC port resources and less cabling. I now have a much cleaner installation.

The DmPRO+ provides two serial ports, so you dont have to worry about CW/PTT/FSK conflicting with CAT control.

Neil's support is excellent, which I already knew from previous experience. If you email him for support, he is very quick to reply relative to time differences between The UK and US.

I can't say enough good things about the Digimaster PRO+. Thanks, Neil, producing high quality products and supporting them as well.

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