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Thanks, Interface arrived yesterday, and is brilliant!

First tested with wsjt - that just worked, I think I had to change the com port and a couple of the sound settings in some fancy thing my laptop has but it was very easy.
Then on to digipan - equally easy and then N1MM - a bit more faffing but I got mmtty stand alone working first with the EXTFSK dll and then bolting N1MM on top was fine. That
was with CW FSK PSK all working just fine. Then on to the CAT. Eventually I managed to suss out how to convince N1MM to work, you had to fiddle with a couple of things.

Anyway the bottom line is that I retired to bed truly happy with CW FSK AFSK PSK WSJT and N1MM fully controlling the rig through the CAT interface, all through the one USB on my laptop. So, it does - everything.

I'll write up the settings I used for your website, most things were "obvious", but the experiences with the CAT interface to the TS-2000 through N1MM should save someone else a bit of time.


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