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Perfect for Hamradio Deluxe
I got my DigiMaster PRO earlier today, it arrived 24hours after the order was placed.
A couple of days ago I bought the Mydel SB-2000, a similar product but I wasn't very impressed with it for two reasons:
The CAT speed was only 4800baud and only one comport was assigned - no good if your run Hamradio Delaux and some digimodes.

The DigiMaster PRO is so much better: Cat baud rate with my FT-2000 runs at full 38000 Baud, no more delays. A second comport is also assigned which makes running Hamradio Delux and digimodes so much easier.
The set-up was very easy as well.

In a nutshell: I believe this is the best product out there and the price compared to the SB-2000 is about 50 less.

The SG-2000 will have to be sold on Ebay or

Would I buy another one? Any time!

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