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G0NIG Nidge

I've been using this interface for the last 2 weeks and so far it has performed flawlessly with all soundcard based data software I have thrown at it, e.g. Digitalmaster 780, MixW, Digipan, WJST.

Installation is simple, download the serial driver from the website, choose your software of choice, plug the interface in, and away you go.

The unit itself is housed in a very robust box, the only external features being an on/off button and a two colour (color) LED for rx (green) and tx (red). Neil supplies interface to radio leads for all popular radio's, mine being the Icom-IC736.

I only had one very small issue and that was with the supplied USB cable, when used I was getting a small bit of interference on 20m but replacing this with a high quality screened cable cured the problem.

The service from G4ZLP is excellent and in most cases the item is shipped on the day of ordering.

For anyone who hasn't tried the datamodes and wants a hassle free introduction to this bleepy warbly world I have no hesitation recommending this interface.


Nidge (G0NIG)

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